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Homecare ECG

Homecare ECG
Product name:Homecare ECG
Use the high-frequency thermal output system (8point/mm), dispensing with any adjustment. The recording frequency can reach 150Hz.
Real time continuous records of clear and exact single-channel ECG waveform and notes. The notes include mark, sensitivity, chart speed, filter mode, etc.
3 In the automatic mode, press the button only once to start records and increase the efficiency.
Chinese / English operation interface.
Full-touch keyboard control, easy to operate. The screen displays the working position, the state of the instrument is clear and easily to be read.
The design of the instrument measures up to the Safety Standard IEC class I, type CF
The instrument can be used under AC&DC, with the lithium rechargeable battery inside, and it will record eighty ECG waveform persistently under the best DC conditions.
The figure of the instrument is refined, small and portable; its weight is less than one kilogram.
Classified according to the protection degree of deleterious liquid: Standard Equipment.
Classified according to the safety standard using in the circumstance with flammability anesthetic gas mixed air (or Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide): Not suitable for use in the circumstance with flammability anesthetic gas mixed air (or Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide).
Classified according to the operation mode: Non-continuous equipment.
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